Reiki originates from Japan and is an ancient form of alternative medicine and holistic treatment called energy healing. The Reiki facilitator functions as a channel for the energy and helps the client activate their flow of energy in the body.

Physical sensations, such as  warmth, cold, and tingling feelings in body parts, can often occur during a treatment but it varies from time to time. What happens on the inside during a reiki session is hard to describe and must be experienced.

These experiences you get from reiki, especially from a course where you learn how to work with this practice yourself, are incredible and add so much to our life. If you  are interested in wellness, self-development, and helping others, reiki is definitely something for you.

Everyone can learn reiki and it is very easy to practice. My hope is to spread this amazing knowledge and energy work around the world and want to share my passion for this with you through my courses. I have had closer to 100 reiki students in total in step 1 and 2!

If you want reiki to be a part of your life as well and want to join any of my courses, check out my upcoming courses below:

Reiki FAQ

What happens during a reiki treatment?

The client lies down on a massage bed or yoga mat with clothes on and the facilitator lightly puts their hands on certain areas on the client's body. The client can often feel that the facilitator’s hands are very warm, or cold, and also feel tingling sensations in the body during the treatment. The physical reaction can also result in an energy boost or a very calm and relaxed state depending on what the client needs. Hence, the experience varies and each session is unique.

How many courses within reiki are there and how long are they?

There are in total three different courses and levels:

Step 1 – “Okuden”
Step 2 – “Shoden”
Step 3 – “Shinpiden”

What does each course include?

In step 1, Okuden, we learn how to work with physical reiki and do treatments. We also go through its history, how to create a reiki business, spiritual guidance, how we can work with the chakra system, and more. We learn the first symbol and how to use that.

In step 2, Shoden, we go beyond time and space, and work with distance reiki. You will learn two new symbols and how to use those in both physical and distance treatments. We also go through more tips and tricks, how to use reiki when manifesting, how to go beyond time and send reiki to your past and future etc.

In step 3, Shinpiden, which is the final course, we learn three more symbols and go through everything you need in order to have your own reiki courses. We learn about reiki boosters, the initiation, kotodama, and much more.

Do you have to take all steps in order to work with Reiki?

No, you can work with reiki already after the first step.

Do I have to work with it upon completing the course/s?

No, you can just use it just for yourself and/or friends and family if you want to.

Do I get a certificate when I complete the courses?


What happens if I forget what I learned?

You can always take the steps again, but remember that once we have been initiated with reiki, we never lose it. Once you start practicing and using the energy again, you will quickly feel a stronger energy flow.

What is a Reiki Master and Reiki Grand Master?

Once you’ve taken all three steps, you become a Reiki Master, and once you start educating others yourself, you become a Reiki Grand Master.

How can I use reiki in my everyday life?

You can use it to give this energy boost and dose of inner calm to yourself, friends, family, even animals! You can also use it while working with your clients if you’re e.g. a hairdresser, coach, trainer, etc. The sky's the limit and you can be as creative as you want.

Since we learn how to work with the energy beyond time and space in step 2, you can go back and heal past memories and experiences, as well as give reiki to yourself at any moment in the future.

Reiki also helps us develop a lot personally and many reiki practitioners experience that they feel more calm and centered, as well as improve their psychic abilities the more they practice reiki. It’s common to develop clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, etc.

Do I need to study anything before the courses?


Do I need to prepare myself in any other way before the courses?

Prepare yourself for intense days with a lot of new insights, knowledge, and experience. Hence, if possible, give yourself some time before and after to rest and digest, if possible.

Why taking a Reiki course?

Reiki is for anyone interested in deepening the relationship with oneself. A course in reiki is not like any other education and will take you on an explorative personal journey in addition to the practical exercises and studies. Everyone can learn reiki and it is very easy to practice. Rather than learning something new, we are actually shedding layers of our ego and becoming something we already are and know, like awakening and remembering a memory inside of us.

Wellness, spirituality, self-development, and helping others are often common shared interests among many reiki students, but there are in fact no prerequisites. You can come just as you are with the intention to learn it just for your own well-being and personal development as well (you don’t need to work with it after the course unless you want to).

Why taking a Reiki course with Matilde and HEALTH BY M?

For me, it is life before and after reiki. While it changed my career and became something I started working with, the biggest transformation happened in my personal life, especially in my mind. It helped me change the way I live my life - from a lot of fear-driven actions and feelings, to following my heart and connecting deeper with my true self and soul's desires. In addition, I have seen how reiki has impacted many other people’s lives as well during the past couple of years when I have educated close to 100 students in Sweden.

Therefore, my hope is to spread these amazing teachings and energy work around the world through my courses. I want to make reiki accessible to more people and show how everyone can use it in their lives - whether you work at a bank on Wall Street or yoga studio on Ibiza.

A mission of mine in life is to bridge the gap between today’s modern society and the world of spirituality and wellness. As a contributing writer for Vogue and the founder of my own wellness company HEALTH BY M, I have one foot in each industry and am able to combine my passions and skills in both. I hope to inspire others to do the same and to understand that we can choose and accept all parts of ourselves and our lives, just the way we are.