Quitting addictions, getting rid of fears or limiting beliefs, and establishing new routines can be quite hard but are often talked about as something easy. We “just have to be determined” or “think positive”, but it is not always as simple as that. 

In order to change an existing habit, behavior, feeling, or thought-pattern, or to establish a new one, we need to work with our subconscious mind, either by a lot of repetition, or through hypnosis.

Hypnosis can help us get new ways of thinking and behaving, and if we want to live our best life and manifest what we desire, without things that hold us back, hypnosis might be the tool and solution many of us are looking for.

Book Your Appointment

Online Hypnosis via Zoom

Hypnosis can take place online via Zoom and is available in either English or Swedish. Once you have booked, I will send you an email with a Zoom link to use when it's time for our session together. Please make sure that you have a good internet connection and are able to sit alone in a quiet room. Ideally, you want to be able to relax your back against something and rest your feet on the floor. I need to be able to clearly see your upper body (from your head to your knees).

Not finding a time that works? Send an email to support@healthbym.com

About The Session

Each session is 70 min long. When you book and fill out the form, you will briefly describe what you want us to work on, which is something we will go through again in the beginning of the session. You will have time to ask questions (but you can of course always email me any questions before the session as well) and I will then shortly go over the different methods and tools we will work with. The majority of the session will be dedicated to the actual hypnosis, and then we talk again a little at the end before we are done. Afterwards, I will send you a personalized hypnosis audio, and we will then be in touch again after some time to just check on the result and how everything has been going for you.

Cancellation Policy & Disclaimer

It is possible to change the time and date of your booking up to 48 before your booking date. Cancellation and rescheduling is not available less than 24 hours before your session is due to start, and a missed session or late cancellation will be charged in full. Before you book, be aware of that hypnosis doesn't work on all people (there are a few that can't be hypnotized) and a session never guarantees the desired result. In most cases only one session is needed, but there are instances where more are necessary.


"Matilde helped me to boost my confidence around money and charging my clients enough in my business. I noticed such a big difference after only one session, and it didn't feel uncomfortable or scary at all to tell my customers and client what the price was. Absolutely incredible!"

- Jenny, 42


"My divorce was quite dramatic and I was cheated on by my ex-husband. Since then, I have always struggled with jealousy and not being able to trust my partner, even though I know there is no reason for me to feel worried and suspicious. It was starting to become a really big problem and my new relationship really started to suffer because of these thoughts that I had. However, I was able to pretty much forget about it after just one session, and I feel so calm and safe now in my relationship - just like I knew I should be able to feel. I am so thankful I was able to get rid of these unnecessary thoughts and am so thankful for Matilde. The session was so professional and thought through. Thank you!"

- Martina, 36


"I used to think everything around technology, especially computers were so difficult but had to learn how to use them because of my job. I thought I would never ever even open a computer in my life, let alone be interested in it. I hadn't heard about anyone else who had this problem and didn't know how to fix it. But when I met Matilde, she told me about hypnosis and we decided to try. It helped and I almost can't even remember how I used to feel before because I work on my computer every day now and don't feel any resistance or fear around it whatsoever - I even enjoy it and help others! I never ever thought that day would come and I am beyond grateful."

- Helena, 57


"I have wanted to change my routines for a long time, to eat better and exercise. Thanks to a session with Matilde, I was able to get rid of my old bad habits, and start healthy routines. I have tried for years but never succeeded, so I am so happy about this result! Can't believe I didn't try hypnosis sooner."

- Maria, 46

"Hypnosis has changed my life and I have been able to shift my mindset and behaviour around money and finances. A session with Matilde is one of the best investments I've ever done for myself."

- Caroline, 38


"Experiencing several past lives during a regression hypnosis was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had! I can't wait to try it again. Thank you Matilde for introducing me to hypnosis! I am forever a fan now and you are amazing."

- Sarah, 33


"For years, I have wanted to work on my finances and expand my mind a little around this as I noticed that I was quite limited and didn't believe I could earn lots of money. Matilde helped me changed this mindset and money is not a big problem for me anymore. It feels much easier, less scary and complicated, and I have been able to manifest more and more money every month since my session. So amazing!"

- Sophia, 33


"I recently had a hypnosis session to help with my anxiety during walks, and I had the opportunity to explore three different methods during my session. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to have experienced these different methods. They have provided me with valuable tools to manage my well-being and navigate life's challenges. The tapping technique, in particular, has become a go-to practice for me, and I anticipate incorporating it into my daily routine to promote a sense of calm and balance!

I really want to express my appreciation for the thoughtful planning of the hypnosis sessions and the caring nature of Matilde. The session were meticulously organized, taking into account my specific needs and goals, which made me feel valued and understood.

Thank you for this session - hypnosis has changed my life!"

- Emma, 29

"I can't believe my fear of flying was treated with just one session. I flew without problem from Europe to the US and back a few days after my hypnosis with Matilde and it was totally fine, I didn't feel scared at all. Prior to this session, I couldn't even think about an airplane without feeling anxious. I am so grateful for Matilde's help!"

- Lina, 34


"I have always been scared to talk in front of people but was able to overcome that fear with help from Matilde. Thanks to our session, I have now started a new dream job where I talk in front of lots of people several times every week."

- Emma, 29


"My sugar addiction almost took over my life for a few years and I wasn't able to stop even though I tried really hard many times. Hypnosis has helped me quit sugar (finally!!), and I have pretty much forgotten how it used to feel to crave sugar the way I used to."

- Martin, 43


"I never thought I would be able to quit smoking but hypnosis helped me get rid of this addiction. My session with Matilde was incredible and so professional. I am so thankful I found her and this method!"

- Hannah, 32


"I am so happy I have been able to change my diet and habits around food thanks to my hypnosis with Matilde. I used to eat so unhealthy before, but have been able to change my eating habits to a much healthier routine and better food."

- Josefine, 27


"My phobia against spiders is finally gone, and it is such a relief! Thank you for the efficient session Matilde. It was very professional and well organized. I can highly recommend Matilde."

- John, 41


New neural pathways

Only about 5% of everything we do on daily basis come from our conscious mind. Hence, 95% of what we do every day are done automatically through automatic responses and integrated behaviours and habits, which all come from our subconscious mind.

So, if we want to change certain beliefs and behaviours we have to target and change our subconscious mind. There are only two ways to change the human subconscious mind, which is through repetition and through hypnosis.

The subconscious mind can't tell the difference between imagination and reality. It doesn't think in relevant terms and doesn't really question the outside world much. It is also creative and has a vivid imagination. Taking advantage of these aspects will make it possible to remove limitations, rewrite your story, and come closer to your highest self. Hence, to live a life with your fullest potential without fears and limiting beliefs that hinder you grow, hypnosis is such an amazing tool to use.

Hence, it is possible to create new neural pathways in the brain and implement new thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors, thanks to hypnosis.

Before a session

Before we start with a session, you need to know exactly what it is that you want to work on. For example, “improving self-conscious” is too broad, and it needs to be more narrowed, like “I want to get rid of my fears and limiting beliefs around creativity”, or “I want to quit eating candy” works as opposed to “I want to be healthier”, which is a bit too broad. Try to get to the root of it - that will help us to easily get the desired result.

Hypnosis Audios

A customized hypnosis audio is always included in each session, but if you want more audios, you can always purchase one extra or packages of two or three audios.

These audios are not recommended to use instead of taking an hypnosis session (if you have e.g. a phobia, addiction, thought-pattern, or behavior you want us to work on, that can only be done through an actual session since it requires more time), but if you for example have a goal you want to reach, something you want to manifest, or want to implement a new morning- and/or evening routine into your life, you can order these customized hypnosis audios.

Each audio will be around 10 minutes long (but it varies depending on its subject) and will be sent to you as an m4a file after you have made the purchase. Please send an email to support@healthbym.com and go to healthbym.com/shop if you want to purchase audios.

What Hypnosis Can Help You With

  • Overcoming phobias and fears
  • Speech impediments and fear of public speaking
  • Limiting beliefs around self
  • Establish desired routines and behaviors
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Creativity and focus
  • Manifesting dreams and reaching goals
  • Allergies
  • Fybromyalgia, and in some cases other autoimmune diseases
  • Tinnitus