30. Holistic Business Tips – Purpose, Passions & Skills


When it comes to finding our purpose and passion, but also taking the best care of our skills and interests, I think it’s important to remember that what makes us unique is the combination of everything we like and are good at. Your “thing” can actually be the diversity and unique combination of different skills and passions, and we don’t have to focus on just one thing unless we want to.

In my experience, being able to fuse all of the things I love to do and am good at have given me many exciting work projects and experiences in life and one thing is actually an event I am doing today when this episode is released. I am in New York and have been able to put together a very special and exciting event thanks to all the different passions and things I work with. I will tell you more about this in an upcoming episode!

This is the first episode in a little series of holistic business tips so stay tuned for more similar episodes in the future.

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