29. S.A.D. And Tips On How To Survive Fall & Winter


If you’re like me, and aren’t a fan of the colder and darker months, it can feel really anxious this time of the year since we know that we have this season ahead of us. Luckily enough,  the weather has been great these past few weeks in Stockholm, but I actually started to feel anxious about fall and winter already in March this year, and I have realized this is a big problem for me. 

I came across something called S.A.D., which I talk more about in this episode, and it made me realize how these really anxious and uncomfortable feelings I am feeling around this season is a type of depression. I want to share this if there is anyone else who might feel the same, and have any tips on how to deal with it. I also share a few things I have on my list that I will try to remember and turn to when it gets darker and colder. 

I also mention my membership website, The Retreat, and how you find everything from Pilates, yoga classes, and meditations, to healthy recipes, journaling prompts, manifestation practices, and much more. I personally find it harder during fall and winter to stick to my wellness routines, but I think this platform has helped me since you have everything you need in one place.

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Please let me know what you’re experience with S.A.D. is and if you have any tips? Would love to hear.