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How to create your own day retreat

My FAVORITE way to spend a day is to have a day retreat where I get to treat myself with all my best self-care practices, such as meditation, workout, reading, nourishing and delicious food, relaxation, and maybe also a treatment. A Sunday or a day when you’re on vacation off work is perfect for a day retreat, and I think we all need a day once in a while where we just do all the things we love and that make us feel our best.

Of course, you can just go with the flow and spend the day the way it unfolds, but it can also be fun sometimes to follow a schedule. That is why we have created examples of schedules on The Retreat so that you can create and plan for your own retreats, by yourself or maybe with friends.

The most important thing is to fill your retreat day with all the things you love – do the workouts you prefer, type of meditation you like, eat your favorite foods, and do other activities that make you feel your best. A tip is also to limit social media and being on your phone during this day, and instead have a good book ready when it’s time to relax. Also, that you prep with candles, maybe a diffuser with essential oils, incenses, new sheets in your bed, clean your home, or anything else that helps to make the space you’re in good.

In The Retreat membership, you find all the content you need to create your own retreat, everything from yoga, meditations, and Pilates, to journaling exercises and healthy recipes. We also have more types of retreats and rituals so that you can incorporate these practices into your everyday life and create a habit of having retreat days. Explore the different memberships and sign up here.

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