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Staying healthy during summer and vacations

Summer is finally here and I honestly think this is the best time to focus on our health and wellness. Even though it is easier to fall out of routines during summer or a vacation, it is also a very good time to establish new ones and actually make some extra time to take care of yourself.

If I am at home during summer, I love to spend more time out in nature and I tend to take more morning walks and runs during this season. I also love to meditate or do yoga outside, and since there are so many amazing berries and fruits in season, I also think it is relatively easy to indulge in healthy food. Also, even though I’ve heard from several practitioners within Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda that my body could benefit from more warm foods like stews and soups, I have never really liked warm foods (except an occasional fish soup or grilled vegetables), so I absolutely love cooling and healthy foods , like salads and smoothies, that we tend to eat during this season anyway.

During a vacation, I love to walk in order to explore the area and also try classes at new studios and go to different gyms. If I make it as a fun sightseeing part of the vacation, it doesn’t really feel like a chore, but rather something I choose to do and an activity that is included in the vacation. Moreover, if I am on a vacation that is slow and not that much to do, rather being, I really try to enjoy that. Also to read, rest, swim, walk, and just be outside. That is also essential things for our overall health, and I personally think they are easier to do during this season compared to the colder months. I hear many people talking about indulging a lot during the summer and a vacation, which is something I absolutely think is important to do. I do it too, but not a lot. And that’s simply because I have started to prefer healthy foods, both because I think a green smoothie tastes better than a toast, but also because I know how I feel physically and mentally if I don’t nourish my body. To actually choose healthy foods over anything else is key since that doesn’t make us feel deprived and restricted. Because who wants that? That is not the point with healthy eating and I believe that as long as we prefer something less healthy and nourishing over something healthy, it will be hard to maintain a balance.

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