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Mint Matcha Recipe

Making a mint matcha is so simple that this is barely a recipe! You only need matcha powder, water, plant-milk of your choice, and a Peppermint essential oil (make sure it’s a good quality oil that is safe for internal use – I recommend doTERRA).

In order to add the mint flavor to the matcha, it’s important to only use one drop. Since the oil is so concentrated, it gets way too strong with more than one drop. Therefore, I usually start with adding the drop in the cup or glass, since I easily can remove some without ruining the whole drink if I accidentally get too much in there.

For one cup, I like to use a large teaspoon of matcha powder and mix with some cold water. I don’t use hot water since the matcha powder looses some of its health properties if it gets warmer than 70 degrees. If I want a hot matcha, I simply warm the milk a bit instead, and if I want an iced version (which is amazing when it’s hot outside), I just use the milk cold and add a few ice cubes.

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