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A life without alcohol

It is now two years since I stopped drinking alcohol. And even though it wasn’t a huge problem in my life or that I had an addiction, quitting alcohol is still one of the best decisions in my life.

It started a few months prior when I had been out with some friends and experienced the worst hungovers in my life. Suddenly, I realized what this so called hunger anxiety really was – what I had earlier experienced was nothing compared to this. Not only did I feel so horrible physically, but the anxiety and horrific thoughts I experienced mentally were so awful. I had never experienced anything similar before and felt that this was unbearable. Then, during the evening of the last time I drank, I felt anxious and stressed. Not necessarily because of the hungover I knew was coming, but because of other things in my life. I felt stressed about a relationship where things didn’t go so well and I drank that evening not just to have fun with my friends, but to be able to escape a bit from that stress and anxious feelings. Then, when I woke up the next day, I could see so clearly how alcohol was something that didn’t serve me at all when I didn’t feel well. In addition, how I drank because of social pressure and other people – not because I truly wanted it.

I think it is important us to ask ourselves that question; “Why do I drink?”. If you come up with an answer that feels good and you really want to do it because it makes you to feel good in some way (not in a way that numbs you, but a way that genuinely adds joy to your life), then it’s all good. Of course this is so individual and what it all comes down to is that we do things for ourselves from a place of love and care, and I don’t judge someone else’s decision around this. But for me, this question really opened my eyes and I felt so free and relieved when I realized I could stop with it since it didn’t make me feel well. And the reason for the relief is that I believe that alcohol is so common and is such a big part of our whole society. It is so expected to drink and it is almost considered rude someitmes to say no. Or at least, you might seem difficult or strange for not drinking.

Now after two years without alcohol, I honestly don’t miss it at all. I enjoy a glass of kombucha or juice so much more and even the exciting buzz and uplifting feeling alcohol can give us is something I have been able to cultivate inside of me and create by myself. Also, the best ways to both relax and feel uplifted are not through alcohol for me anymore, but through healthier methods such as meditation, reiki, being with friends etc. I know it might sound weird, but it is 100% true, at least for me. Also, I’ve realized that in those moments where we often consume alcohol, that is when I want to be fully present and don’t want to feel numb. I want to feel it all, even the less comfortable feelings. Because the best way to deal with or cultivate any feeling is to be present and embrace everything.

So, if you are thinking of quitting alcohol, I think it is important to ask yourself why you drink and maybe also what it does to you and your life. And if you realize that you use it to numb yourself, to be someone else in social settings, to please others in social settings, or to relax, it might be a good idea to stop for a while and see how it feels. And remember, there are other alternatives to drink and other ways to feel all those sensations and feelings that alcohol helps with.

If you have any questions or want any support, please comment below or send me an email – I would love to inspire and help you.