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How Hypnosis Can Change Our Life

Though it might be most commonly associated with entertainment and shows, hypnosis is actually something that can help us so much when it comes to our overall wellbeing and quality of life. It can help us get rid of fears, limiting beliefs, and phobias, as well as addictions and bad habits in our life. Even OCD, speech impediments, and allergies are things hypnosis can help us with! Moreover, we can use it to reach our goals and manifestations, as well as implement any healthy routines in our life. Hence, it can truly be life changing for so many people, and I have seen amazing results with it both when it comes to myself and clients.

Problems I have helped clients with have been everything from drug addictions, jealousy, and involuntary blushing, to limiting beliefs around money and creativity, and fear of public speaking. With most cases, only one session is enough and almost all people can be hypnotized. The hypnotic state is a relaxed body and very focused mind, which is why some people get surprised about the fact that they are so aware and awake during the process. It is also quite simple and often don’t require a lot of time, so it is a relatively easy process and definitely more time efficient compared to other methods, like therapy.

So how and why does it work? Only about 5% of everything we do on daily basis come from our conscious mind. Hence, 95% of what we do every day are done automatically through automatic responses and integrated behaviours and habits, which all come from our subconscious mind. So, if we want to change certain beliefs and behaviours we have to target and change our subconscious mind. There are only two ways to change the human subconscious mind, which is through repetition and through hypnosis.

The subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality. It doesn’t think in relevant terms and doesn’t really question the outside world much. It is also creative and has a vivid imagination. Taking advantage of these aspects will make it possible to remove limitations, rewrite your story, and come closer to your highest self. Hence, to live a life with your fullest potential without fears and limiting beliefs that hinder you grow, hypnosis is such an amazing tool to use. Hence, it is possible to create new neural pathways in the brain and implement new thoughts, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors, thanks to hypnosis. Hypnosis is that “quick fix” that actually works, and I believe we all could benefit from it in many ways, whether it is about implementing certain habits and reaching goals, or getting rid of fears or liming beliefs (or anything else).

My hope is to spread the awareness of it so more people can find it and get help. I’ve met clients who have worked on a certain problem for years without finding a solution and then finds hypnosis that solves it immediately. I cannot recommend this enough and really encourage you to spread the word to family and friends so more people know about this amazing alternative.

You can read more about it and book a session with me here, and I have also written an article about hypnosis for Vogue Scandinavia, which you can read here.


I first got came across hypnosis as a little girl when I read the books about Molly Moon and her ability to hypnotize people. Although I understood that it was a bit exaggerated and a fiction book, it still got me so interested and fascinated in the subject. Then about 20 years later, the interest came up again and I just got a feeling that it was something I should explore further. I applied to a foundations course and got hooked immediately. I practiced with clients and consumed all information I could come find in podcasts, articles, on YouTube, etc. about the subject. I then continued with my education about six months later and got my diploma as a Hypnotist.

What makes me so passionate about is how incredible the results are and how quickly you see them. Also, that it can help with so many things for so many people. Pretty much everyone has either a fear or limiting beliefs, an allergy, or perhaps a habit they want to get rid of or implement. Hence, it is something so powerful that so many of us can benefit from immensely. Therefore, I really hope to increase the awareness around hypnosis and help others to live their best lives.

If you want to book a session with me and watch a video where I explain more, click here.