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Green Grocery Shopping


Healthy shopping to me doesn’t just mean buying foods that are good for us, but also for our planet. As you might now already, eating more greens and less animal products such as meat, is better for the environment (and often for our bodies as well in most cases), but there are other things that we can do in order to protect our planet:

-Bring your own cotton bags to the store. Make sure to always keep one in your purse, backpack, or gym bag.

-Bring smaller bags to use for vegetables and fruits instead of using the plastic ones provided in the store.

-Rather shop more often and only the things you know you will use in order to reduce waste.

-Buy vegetables, berries, and fruits that are local and in season.

-Try to avoid buying products in plastic containers. If you buy vegetables, fruits, and berries at a local market, they are often free from plastic packaging.

-Use reusable food wrapping, such as these from beeswax, when storing the food in your fridge, instead of using plastic.

-Instead of buying cleaning products (that also are filled with artificial substances) in plastic packaging, find natural cleaning products in better packaging, or even try natural home remedies. You will find that the most efficient ways to get rid of stains and dirt often are simple ways with things you can find at home, such as salt, vinegar, etc.

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