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Homemade Sushi with Quinoa




When I lived in New York and had the luxury to be close to a Whole Foods all the time, I went crazy about their quinoa and brown rice sushi. I still crave it from time to time and think it is so strange that nobody here in Sweden has picked up this delicious and healthy combo yet?!

So, since I haven’t seen it elsewhere, I decided to make it myself! I have actually never made homemade sushi, but I really loved it. I had always thought it took so long and was quite complicated, but I was definitely wrong – it took literally no time at all and was super easy!

What I did was basically to buy the seaweed wrapping, pickled ginger, and wasabi, as well as the ingredients that I wanted, such as quinoa, cucumber, avocado, and salmon. I also had amino acids as a healthier option instead of soy sauce, and I also added some salad onion and sesame seeds. It turned out really great; however, if I do it again, I will remember to add a bit of salt to the quinoa when I boil it and also to include some brown rice as well so that it taste a little more. Other than that, this was such a delicious and healthy version of sushi that I can’t wait to make again.






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