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Tips on How to Start Meditating

Meditation has always been something I have wanted to do and heard so much great things about, but initially struggled with actually doing (I believe many can recognize this…). Even though I wanted to do it just for a few minutes each day, I still ended up by the end of the day “not having time” even though I knew that was not an excuse since it is always about our priorities.

So, what was key for me was to schedule the meditations and create a habit of always doing it in the morning – that increases the chance of actually doing it with like 100%. I also try to do just a few minutes every day since that makes it more realistic and I also believe that is enough in order to feel a difference.

Another tip is that if it feels stressful and uncomfortable, just stick with it and breathe. It’s a part of the process and it will feel easier to embrace those feelings than rather than escaping from them. Also if your thoughts interrupt you a lot while doing it, just let them go and try not to pay attention to them. You’re not doing it wrong if your mind can’t keep quiet – it’s natural. The goal with meditation is not to turn off our thoughts – it is about choosing where we want to direct our attention. Don’t judge yourself and feel bad about it. Instead, reflect on how crazy it is that it’s so hard to quiet our minds, and how often our thoughts are not that positive and kind.

Just by trying to meditate, you are meditating. As I’ve said, don’t expect to have a completely quiet mind and feel all zen immediately. Give it a few times and just sit through it. Meditation is simply a mix of our breathing and a single pointed focus.

Do you meditate? Do you have any favorite types of meditations?

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