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Summer Stress & Social Media


This summer is probably different for many of us, which can feel very hard. Maybe your summer changes this year, either because of corona or because of other things. And although you normally might not be jealous of other people and their lives, and it can feel especially hard to watch what everyone else does during the summer, since that constantly reminds you what you are not doing or having. Everybody else seems so happy and are surrounded by families, partners, friends, on vacation and the most incredible trips.

Summer is supposed to be such a happy and magical time, and it is but maybe not every year. Hence, though social media can be very inspiring, it can make me feel stressed and even more down if I’m already not in the best state of  mind. Therefore, I took a bit of a break from it this year, and it has definitely helped me feel better. I also make sure I follow people that make me feel good, and a little bit of “Instagram cleaning” is always good to do from time to time.

Another thing I do when I feel stressed and feel like everybody else is having the summer of their lives and I don’t, is that I try to focus on myself and things I like. Even though you are going through a tough time, there are always something that will light you up, even if it is super small, it still counts. And although it might be harder than ever, it is also more important than ever to do all those things and be thankful for them. It might feel so annoying in the beginning, but you will quickly notice how much better you feel if you focus on positivity, the things that you have, and what you are grateful for, instead of dwelling over the things you don’t have in your life right now.

And remember that it’s ok not to have the summer of your life every year. We normally don’t show our worst days and experiences on Instagram, rather the contrary (myself included), so what you see on other people’s social media are just the highlights. And if this summer is especially challenging for you, remember that you’ re not alone and it will get better.

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