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Green Challenge

Although we all are different and our bodies might need different diets and lifestyles, eating dark leafy greens is so healthy for all of us. However, although you might eat it quite often, most of us actually eat too little and would benefit a lot from including more greens in our diets. Eating at least 1 kg of vegetables (preferably as many greens as possible) per day is actually what is recommended by several health experts and researchers, but it is definitely harder than we think to be able to achieve that. So, in order to make it easier to include more greens in our diets and to remember to eat them daily, I’ve created the Health by M Green Challenge which is about including green vegetables in every meal for 4 weeks.

Use this template if you want to join me and don’t forget to check my Instagram, @healthbym, for tips and recipes you can try during the challenge. My recommendation is to make sure to include some greens in your morning smoothie or maybe with some eggs, and then always eat some salad for lunch and dinner, either as a side or as the main meal. Black kale (pictured above to the left) is my very favorite, as well as spinach, and avocado. And if you don’t manage to get fresh vegetables, you can of course use frozen or powders. Good luck! #hbmgreenchallenge

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