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Turmeric & Wunder Workshop

If there is one thing I would recommend people to do in order to improve their overall health, I would say including turmeric into your daily diet. I’ve known the benefits of the golden spice for a while, but especially now when I study to become a health coach, I’ve learned that turmeric is so incredibly powerful and extraordinary for our bodies. It is anti-inflammatory, a natural pain relief, it increases the body’s antioxidant capacity, lowers your risk of heart disease, boosts brain function, improves liver function, can help prevent Alzheimer’s, arthritics and cancer, and it even has benefits against depression. You get it, turmeric is basically our best friend.

Therefore, I am so happy to have received my order from the amazing Wunder Workshop. I’ve been drinking their Golden Mylk (turmeric latte) with cacao flavor for almost a year now and love it, so I’ve been very curious and excited to try their other products. So, in addition to their latte blend, I ordered their honey, adaptogenic “Golden Glow” powder, , CBD oil, as well as their latte mug and spoon.



I came across this wonderful brand last year when I visited Sri Lanka. I attended a workshop at the magical boutique hotel The Kip where I met Wunder Workshop’s two lovely founders, Zoe and Tommy. The company is London-based and specializes in organic and ethically sourced turmeric products (the turmeric they use in their products are mostly grown in Sri Lanka). They taught me how to make such delicious and great things with turmeric, such as Golden Mylk, energy balls, and face masks.

I’ve been trying to include turmeric in my daily diet for a while now since I’ve noticed what wonders it does for my health. Almost every day for a few years, I’ve taken a little shot with water, turmeric, pepper, and coconut oil (pepper and oil makes it easier for the body to absorb curcumin, the main active ingredient in turmeric, which is a very powerful antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory effects) as an immunity and anti-inflammatory boost. I definitely think it has helped me lots to stay well (even during flu seasons), and I can really recommend it; however, it doesn’t taste very good at all to be honest… So I am very thankful that Wunder Workshop has made it possible to actually enjoy consuming the spice!

I am now so excited to try their adaptogenic blends, CBD oil, and rest of the products. I’ve already started with the CBD oil and love it, so stay tuned for another post about that soon. Check out their website and shop here if you want to try their products as well!

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